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Elementary School

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Welcome to the Boston Harbor Elementary Band Webpage!

I hope this page can provide some resources for you to become the best musician you can be.  :)

5th Grade Band meets Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 2:05-2:35pm

We meet in the music room.


Best way to contact me is at:
or leave a message with Boston Harbor school secretary: 360-596-6200
Thanks!  :)

Where is Mr. Grostick?
Reeves Middle School:
     zero period (7:30a) - Jazz Band & Drumline
     2nd period - RMS 7th/8th Grade Band
     3rd period - RMS 7th/8th Grade Band
     4th period - RMS 6th Grade Band
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Boston Harbor & Roosevelt Elementary Bands (grade 5)
Tuesday & Thursday:
    ORLA Bands (grades 4-6)


Audio / Video Files:


Practice Tools:

  • SmartMusic this interactive computer program is probably the most comprehensive way for students to practice and get instant feedback on their progress. At only $40, it has thousands of songs to practice with, including our book. Once you load it, download "Accent on Achievement - Book One" and you'll be having fun in no time! See website (click link above) for more information.
  • Online Metronome
  • Online Tuner 

Reading Music (videos):

Note Reading Games (online):

  • Treble Lines and Spaces - basic quiz for treble clef students, includes ledger lines!
  • Bass Lines and Spaces - basic quiz for bass clef students, include ledger lines!
  • Whack a Note - for beginners & learning basic note names. I think it's treble clef only though.
  • Word Warrior - Treble Clef - interesting treble clef quiz that groups notes and you have to choose the correct identification without killing the space dude.
  • Word Warrior - Bass Clef - interesting bass clef quiz that groups notes and you have to choose the correct identification without killing the space dude. 
  • note identification quiz - for more advanced students and learning all notes in all clefs (be sure to adjust the clefs and range in the settings in the upper right corner) 

For Composition / Writing / Recording music:

  • - extensive resource for learning advanced music theory
  • Noteflight - a great online notation program (for writing/composing sheet music)
  • Soundation - a neat online multitrack studio like GarageBand (for recording/mixing audio)