Emergency Kits

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Emergency Kits
Dear Boston Harbor Families,

Students at Boston Harbor Elementary School are required to have an emergency kit kept at school in case of an emergency. These kits would only be used if we were stranded at school overnight or longer.

Thank you!
Boston Harbor Office
Student Emergency Kits
Kits should include:
___ One bottle of water
___ One box of juice
___ 3 nonperishable foods: choice of granola bars, energy bars, fruit roll-ups
___ Items for child to use: markers or crayons and paper, book, cards
___ Personal family comfort reminder such as family photo or letter
___ One large garbage bag (poncho)

These non-breakable emergency kit items can be stored in a one-gallon zip lock bag labeled with your child’s first and last name. Please send kits with your child on the first day of school or at the ice cream social.