Extra Practice!

This page is updated regularly based on our current research and practice needs.


Second Grade TinkerCad Login: TinkerCad (then write your nickname)


Robotics TinkerCad Login: TinkerCad (then write your nickname)

Insect Research Links:

- World Book Online (username and password are olympiasd)

- National Geographic Kids (use search bar for your insect)

- Bug Facts

- List of Great Insect Resources

Fun Math Practice:
- That Quiz: TIME!
- That Quiz: Measurement
That Quiz: Number Line

Math Challenge Sites:
Visual Patterns
Math Pickle
Code.org Curriculum
London Computing Puzzles
Open Middle

Animal Research:
- National Geographic Kids
- World Wildlife Fund
- A-Z Animals
- Science Kids
- Soft Schools Animal Facts
- San Diego Zoo

- Kid Thesaurus
- Rhyming Dictionary