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About Boston Harbor Elementary School

The first Boston Harbor School was established in the early 1900's to serve Boston Harbor, a small community of farmer shrimpers and orchard growers.  This original school was located in Boston Harbor Proper, near the corner of Main Street and Boston Harbor Road.  In the early 1920's Boston Harbor School joined with another school located on Shore Acres Road.  The combined school became known as the Pine Grove School.  The Pine Grove School was a log cabin, with log furniture.  Because the school was not heated it was only open for a few months out of the year.  Several years later, this school was replaced by a bigger school, with heat, on Woodard Bay Road near 66th street.

In 1938, during President Franklin Roosevelt's administration, the first school on Zangle Road was built as a New Deal WPA project.  The original white building stood alone until expanding needs and enrollments required additions.  The first additions were a Quonset gym and another classroom.  Next came the brick building in 1960 and a portable temporary office in 1967.

The District tore down the old Boston Harbor School in 1990 and built the present facility, which opened in 1991.  The new school was designed with a "harbor community" motif and contained eight classrooms to allow some future enrollment growth.

A significant artifact from the old school was installed in the new building.  The large oil canvas mural depicting the Boston Harbor view, painted by Viola Rushforthy in 1962, which had served as the backdrop on the stage in the old quonset gym, was mounted high on the west end of the new gym for all to view and enjoy.


The doors to the computer lab of the new school are replicas of the entry doors from the 1938 white building.  The two beautiful ships lanterns, Port and Starboard, were donated by Bill Derkland, a community member, and installed in the hallway across from the office.  The magnificent Bear on a Box located in the school entry, was commissioned by the PTA and carved by Joe Tougas, a local artist.

Parents and community members interested in the history of Boston Harbor School are invited to view the following:


  • Photographs of the old school and its students located near the entrance to the library.

  • A large painting of Boston Harbor which was removed from the old school stage and now hangs in the auditorium.

  • The entrance to the computer lab, which is a replica of the old school's front door.

  • The PTA archives, which contain photographs and old school records.