Mission Statement

In partnership,  our parents, staff and community will challenge each student to reach full potential in a
vibrant, caring environment.


School Environment

Boston Harbor School, staff, parents, and community will:


  • Create a safe, nurturing environment;

  • Inspire a sense of wonder for life-long learning;

  • Empower and challenge students, staff and parents to achieve excellence;

  • Promote respect, caring and the social and cultural awareness of all individuals.



Boston Harbor School will challenge students with an integrated curriculum that:


  • Builds excellence in basic skills, the arts, sciences and technology;

  • Promotes creativity and problem-solving;

  • Promotes health and fitness;

  • Develops competence, confidence, and the ability to work independently and cooperatively.




Boston Harbor School, staff, parents and community will:


  • Prepare students to participate and serve in the community;

  • Encourage the community to assist students in learning;

  • Empower parents to become full partners in the education of their children;

  • Foster an awareness and stewardship for our Puget Sound environment;

  • Link the school and community by providing opportunities for life-long learning.